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Skill Source Company Limited is a registered Talent Management Consultancy in Kingston, Jamaica and offers four main types of services:

  • Talent Management – Recruitment & Employee Development
  • Creation of Company Manuals
  • Conducting Seminars
  • Career Coaching
    The company offers services to both employers and to employees.


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Meet the CEO

The company was registered in 2018 by Jodi-Ann Johnson, who is the Chief Executive Officer.  Jodi-Ann possesses over nine years of experience at the managerial level, working with companies like E-Services Group International, TeraSun Limited and CIVEX Consulting Limited. She is a lover of people, a strong business development professional and is passionate about helping individuals and companies realize their full potential, hence the commencement of Skill Source Company Limited.

It’s The Start That Stops Most People
“The hardest thing to do sometimes is to start. The thought of it is frightening and filled with uncertainty. Let us not look ahead only seeing how far away we are, but instead, let us just focus on making that first step today.”
Jodi-Ann, CEO

Psychometric Assessments

is used as the core for the recruitment process and for existing employee growth and development within the organization.

Psychometric testing? What is that?

Psychometric testing is a standardised and scientific method designed to objectively assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular role based on their cognitive capability and personality—traits, which can be difficult to assess during a standard interview.

Areas tested:

  • Cognitive Aptitude tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests
  • Skills Test
  • Risk Assessment

Myth buster!

It is most often assumed that psychometric testing is exclusively used for recruitment, however, that is the farthest from the truth. Skill Source encourages organizations to administer psychometric assessments to existing employees within the organization to ensure that each employee is functioning optimally.

Underperforming Employees?

Severing ties should never be your first option. Skill Source specializes in assessing, coaching and positioning your existing employees within the organization, so they are utilized efficiently.


    1. An efficient workforce
    2. High employee morale and loyalty
    3. Increase in productivity
    4. Reducing high turnover
    5. An increase in profits
    6. AND OF COURSE ultimately positioning the company as highly competitive in the market.  

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